William Harold Buchanan

William Buchanan was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia on September 5, 1925. He began his career at age fourteen painting portraits of locals. At age nineteen, he went to war (WWII). Shortly after, he studied art, and graduated as an Associate from the Nova Scotia College of Art in 1950, after having received a scholarship for the fourth year. He enjoyed a long career as a Graphic Artist and Technical Illustrator, at the Department of National Defence and the National Research Council, Ottawa.

Driven to produce fine art, he continued creating works to be shown in Art Galleries where he sold paintings and scored many prizes in competitions.

As an expressionist, Buchanan, calls upon the past and present to combine fantasy and stark realism into a pictorial essay in which a sense of awe and mystery prevail. The overall effect of these paintings is that of carefully composed elements enhanced by textured, muted colours that have the touch of inspired creativity.

As an abstractionist, his paintings are made up of a mixture of harmonious colours, shapes and tones that create a potage of colour to delight the viewer in a personal way.

Mr. Buchanan’s painting themes over many years are: Troubled Times; Social Statements; Fantasy; Land and Tree Scapes; Blue Theme and Abstracts.

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