Vicki Lacasse

Vicki Lacasse is an accomplished Ottawa artist specializing in water colour.
Her passion and inspiration in painting comes from her love of nature and the environment. She devotes her time and energy in painting animals in the wild, landscapes, florals, nature and wild life. Her paintings are a true reflection of her love of nature and the environment.
Vicki is an innovative artist who continually finds new ways to present images that evoke a sense of realism and dimension to her palette. She uses different techniques to reinforce her personal creative expression.
She has taken a number of courses in water colour and has flourished as an accomplished self taught water colour artist.

She is renowned for commissioning her work out painting owners pets.


I know first hand how much pets have become part of the family. What a wonderful opportunity to have a treasured keepsake of your favorite pet that you will have for a lifetime. Lasting memories of not only the family but the favorite pet as well. If you are interested in a portrait of your family pet please contact me below.

Contact Information
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Phone Number (613) 762-7194

Contact Information

Email Address
Phone Number
(613) 762-7194

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