Tashi Farmilo-Marouf

Tashi is a creative soul, she studied fine art at Canterbury High School. In her early 20's she studied fine arts at the Ottawa School of Art. After that she went onto study Graphic Design and received a diploma from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Ottawa in 2002.

She describes her artistic style as, Expressionism. Art is magic, it speaks without voice. Tashi makes an effort to convey a sense emotion and feeling through her work. She is most often inspired by a place, event or an experience that has struck her in some way – and creativity is the mode for which she translates those experiences externally through different media. Tashi let's the subject dictate the medium. How her work is interpreted depends on the beholder. Tashi hope's that whomever beholds her art will be transported them to new places inside themselves.

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