Pooja Grover

Pooja Grover is an Intuitive Visual Artist, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, Guided Meditation Facilitator, Intuitive Counsellor and Mindfulness Practitioner who is passionate about creating mindful moments, spreading her love for art and deep understanding of soulful connections through her intuitive artwork and Divine connection with the Universal Life Force. She supports women by helping them explore their deepest emotions, release what doesn’t serve them and embark on a mindful journey to self realization, self actualization, self love and self compassion.

Pooja strives to work towards women empowerment through inspirational art and creative writing while promoting Indian culture where women is celebrated as an epitome of bravery. She supports women throughout this journey in many ways including but not limited to mindful intuitive art workshops/lessons, guided meditation sessions, Reiki energy healing sessions, chakra healing and balancing sessions. Her inspirational intuitive original art, art prints and art cards play a huge role in giving the much needed boost to their self-confidence.
Pooja creates unique pieces of art using various colours and textures; listening to her soul and understanding the magic of creative thinking. Almost all of her paintings have a touch of sparkle through the use of metallics as she believes that we all need a little sparkle in our lives to alleviate our souls. She believes that everything done in awareness is right; each theme that she works on, each colour that she chooses, each texture that she creates and every hint of sparkle that she adds to her mindful art help create a magical and blissful moment of self-awareness – a state of mind that can be achieved through meditation.

She provides a safe, compassionate, kind and non-judgmental environment in her studio for the intuition and creativity to take it’s flight creating stunning artwork, introducing her students to the concept of ‘Meditation through Art’ and connecting the dots to spirituality. Mindful Intuitions is meditation for Pooja!

“Intuitions are powerhouse of energy and positivity… Awaken them… Trust them… Express them through mindful creativity… “ – Pooja Grover

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