Natalie Seymand-Chouinard

Natalie Seymand-Chouinard was born in North York, Ontario, Canada and grew up in picturesque Newmarket, Ontario. She moved to Thunder Bay, Ontario to complete her studies at Lakehead University. There she attained a degree in Fine Art, majoring in both Art History and Printmaking. Natalie also interned at Definitely Superior Artist Run Centre (

After completing University, Natalie acquired a college diploma and spent three years living in various towns and cities throughout Ontario. She fell in love with and settled down in Ottawa, Ontario – where she met her husband and built her family.

Over the years Natalie has worked as a Graphic Designer, Account Coordinator and Project Manager for numerous advertising, marketing and branding agencies but she has always held a true passion, natural ability and desire to create refreshing still art that intertwines elements of nature with distinct modern and urban landscapes.

While taking time off to concentrate on her family, Natalie rekindled her artistic romance. Although her artistic abilities shine through in her magnificent landscapes, some of her most notable artwork includes contemporary appropriations of classic vehicles in their most flattering light and familiar celebrity and political portraits.

Each piece of art is always a product of Natalie’s passion and emotion. Her drive and tenacity for capturing beauty means no stylistic restrictions in achieving her artistic goals. Natalie possesses an uncanny ability to translate the essence and true beauty of still life to canvas.

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