Jay Anderson

Jay Anderson is an accomplished plein air painter and her work expresses her joy of the great outdoors. Anderson is a member of the The Friday Painters, a group of plein air painters who have shown at the Cube Gallery in Wellington Village since 2009.
Currently Anderson's latest collection for the new Cube Show is shown throughout the slide show below. In celebration of Canada's 150th Birthday the Friday Painters have put together a very intriguing and historically interesting show that captures a feeling of the past and how Ottawa has grown. A book at the Cube Gallery detailing the location of the scenes and interesting information about the paintings, helps to expand our knowledge of the Ottawa area as well as enriching our appreciation of the paintings. The Show called "Dominion" runs from Tuesday May 30th until Sunday July 2nd 2017. The vernissage is on Sunday 4th June from 2:00 - 5:00 p.m. and all are invited. http://www.cubegallery.ca/
The first show in 2009 we saw Anderson present interesting and thoughtful work at the Champlain Lookout show where she interpreted the landscape through oil and mixed media. In 2010 Anderson created unusual and not often seen views of back alleys, using her flair for colour and mood in her exceptional pieces in the “Ottawa Alleyways” show. We saw the 3rd show at the Cube in the spring of 2012, called 'Otttawater' which was another vibrant and exciting show. The 2014 show of the Hintonburg neighbourhood and the 2015 show called Hidden Gems were exciting and well received shows. If you missed any of these shows some works are still available at her Home Gallery. Please email for an appointment.

Anderson has studied at the Ottawa School of Art, St. Lawrence College, Ontario and Springmaid Beach, USA. She has also studied under international artists such as Carla O’Connor, Alex Powers and Skip Lawrence. All of these people have inspired and energized her, and helped her grow into the artist you see today. Anderson is an active member of The Ottawa Friday painters Group (formerly The Ottawa 8), the Ottawa Art Association as well as the past Vice President of the Foyer Gallery.

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