Elaine Boivin

I am a native of Ottawa and an experienced world-traveller thanks to my former professional career. Since retirement, the exploration of Canada both by land and by sailboat has been of far more interest to me. I draw my inspiration from the places we've visited. The peace, grandeur, and isolation of the Canadian Wilderness, particularly around our Great Lakes, are a breathtaking revelation.

The medium of watercolour provides me with endless fascination, as well as frustration and challenge, but I never tire of trying to master it. My paintings are inspired by memories of places and things that evoked in me feelings of peace, wonder, happiness, and sometimes pure awe at the sheer might of nature.

I hope to stir in the viewers of my work, that same feeling or atmosphere that I experienced upon first discovering it. I don't often paint florals or still life but when I do it is because I've been drawn to some special quality in the variation of light or colour. For instance, I was delighted and astonished to discover that wild blueberries cycled in colour from white through pink to their mature deep blue.

The use of watercolour in conjunction with other media offers me an opportunity to create intriguing textures and mood and I enjoy experimenting with ideas that I've been introduced by my fellow artists. Art for me is a journey of discovery with each new experience.

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