Diane Bertrand

Born in Mont-Laurier, I spent my youth summers in the unspoiled nature surrounding our cottage on the lake. I loved to observe, take pictures and draw the abundant wild life.
After many years teaching in high school, I spent 5 years in Paris where I did artistic research and visited galleries and museums. While I was there, I indulged doing the same in most of the European capitals.
Even if only in 2012 I dared making my "artistic coming-out", I am a full time dedicated, even compulsive creator since 1996.
After having, for many years, used acrylic to depict my views on feminine condition and also my perception on men's life, I came back to my first interest: the wildlife of the underwood.
Because of its softness and warmth, I consider wool as the best medium to represent animal life. So I gradually replaced my acrylic tubes with this sustainable natural resource.
I impose myself the challenge to refine my ability to felt it as efficiently as possible in order to create realistic, yet inspiring works of art. In fact, my 3D art resemble the taxidermist work without the unpleasant thought of an animal's death.
With my art, I would like to incite the viewers to appreciate the hidden beauty in the most humble creatures to the point where he will cherish them and protect their environment.

Prizes awarded to my felted art:

* 1st Prize, Ottawa Art Association Peers Award Show
* 1st Jury’s Award, Ottawa Art Association
* Jury’s Choice, Mosaic, Shenkman Center, Ottawa
* Public’s Choice, NFAL Spring Show and Sale, Nepean
* Jury’s Choice, Selection, AEO Arts Council, Shenkman
* Jury’s Choice, Mosaïc, Shenkman Center, Ottawa
* 2nd Jury’s Award, Ottawa Art Association
* 1st Jury’s Award, AJAE Arteast Ottawa
* 1st Jury’s Award, Ottawa Art Association
* Jury’s Choice, AJAE Arteast Ottawa
* 1st Jury’s Award, AJAE Arteast Ottawa
* 2nd prize Peer’s Award, Ottawa Art Assiciation

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