Carly Covey

A large part of who I am is defined by my desire for capturing beauty through art. A classically trained artist, I graduated from Pensacola Christian College with a Bachelor's Degree in Commercial Art, and a Master's Degree in Commercial Art. An American by birth, I moved to Canada with my husband and have settled in the Ottawa area to raise my three beautiful children, paint, and share my passion for art with others. All my paintings contain a hidden daisy hence the name of my private studio, Hidden Daisy Fine Art Studio. When I was young, my mother gave me a beautiful daisy necklace, which I have kept all these years and wear to this day! From the very first time I saw this charming little flower, I've been captivated by its beauty and simplicity. Each and every painting I create is special, not just for who it's for or what it captures, but also for what it contains. If you look closely, hidden somewhere in each of my paintings is a hidden daisy waiting to be discovered.

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