Aruna Chagarlamudi

 Aruna Chagarlamudi is an acrylic and mixed media artist. Her creations are inspired by a range of subjects and themes such as colourful cultural dance vperformances, expressive moments of little girls, reflections on water, movements in clouds, colours of seasons and landscapes.  She transforms these inspirations into her artistic expressions with oils, acrylic or pastels in various textures and tones.
Aruna also creates unique abstracts by intuitively combining her subject matter with drips and drops of colour and texture. She freely deviates from standard techniques and enjoys the making of abstracts. Creativity with emotions connects her inner self which shows up as unexpected abstract with confidence.   
Her passion for art has become an integral part of her life, and so she continues to express this through colours and textures in her semiabstract and abstract paintings.  Over the last two decades art has become a tool for expressing her boundless imagination.
Aruna has exhibited her paintings in the Sultanate of Oman at Zubair Museum, and at various exhibitions for charity through American women's group in Oman and at Intercontinental Hotels in Muscat. She also exhibited her paintings at the local exhibitions in the Ottawa area, and donated her paintings for charity auctions in Kanata and Washington, D.C.

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