Spring 2013 Awards Show

1st Place - Acrylic

William D. Hulme
"Grey Day in the North"

2nd Place - Acrylic

Jo-Anne Page-Cote

3rd Place - Acrylic

Hamid Ayoub
"Grand Ma"

1st Place - Oil

Caroline Grimes
"Back of Old Barn"

2nd Place - Oil

Jay Anderson
"Somerset at Irving"

3rd Place - Oil

John Alexander Day
"A Country Road - Quebec"

1st Place - Watercolour

Anne Remmer Thompson
"Near Lunenburg"

2nd Place - Watercolourr

Photo coming soon

Diane Groulx
"Au Crepuscule"

3rd Place - Watercolour

Jane Barlow
"And Her Sparkle Still Peeks Through...."

1st Place - Other (Pastels and Mixed Media)

Mary Ann Varley
"NYC - Escape"

2nd Place - Other (Pastels and Mixed Media)

Glenda Yates Krusberg
"Blossom View"

3rd Place - Other (Pastels and Mixed Media)

Olga Radushkevich