Spring 2009 Awards Show

1st Prize Oil

Karen Whyte

2nd prize Oil

David Kearn

3rd Prize - Oil

Jay Anderson
"Rock Art"

Honorable Mention

Maria Mask
"Wings of Light"

Honorable Mention

Patricia Hendry
"Mer Bleu Reflections"

1st Prize Acrylic

Karen Cunningham
"Cold Day"

2nd Prize Acrylic

Audry M. Bain
"Windswept La Malbaie-Charlevox"

3rd Prize - Acrylic

Pina Manoni Rennick
"Tuscan Farmhouse"

Honorable Mention

David Holton

1st Prize Watercolour

Jane Barlow

2nd Prize Watercolour

Brian Seed
"On The Line"

3rd Prize

Rosy Somerville
"Behind The Blacksmith"

Honorable Mention

Alan Bain
"Algonquin Morning"

1st Prize Other Media

Glenda Yates Krusberg
"Night Blooms"

2nd Prize - Other Media

Barbara Tindale

3rd Prize - Other Media

Dawn Bennett