Fall 2015 Member's Choice Awards

Member's Choice Awards night allows members of the OAA to vote for their favourite artists in 4 different categories: oil, acrylic, watercolour and other. This event took place on October 26, 2015 at the Ottawa Little Theatre (400 King Edward Ave.)

Here are the results of the evening:

Fall 2015 Member's Choice Awards night at the Ottawa Little Theatre

1st Place Oil

Vasile Masanu

2nd Place Oil

Herb Van Der Staay
"Café Interior"

3rd Place Oil

Maureen Mitchell

1st Place Acrylic

Susan Clement-Beveridge

2nd Place Acrylic

Elizabeth Baechlin
"In The Forest"

Lydia Tambay

3rd Place Acrylic

Pat Hendry
"The Lookout"

Glenda Yates Krusberg
"Red Ball Buoy"

Francoise Ferguson
"Orphan Tamarack"

1st Place Watercolour

Danielle Beaulieu
"Fleeting Memories"

2nd Place Watercolour

Barbara Camfield
"Early Snow"

3rd Place Watercolour

Elvi Edwards
"Just Hanging Around"

Jane Barlow
"The Moment"

Grace Call
"Lily in Red"

1st Place Other

Mary Dorland
"Marina W Sox"

2nd Place Other

Marie Leger
"First Snow Sunset"

3rd Place Other

Lise Massicotte

Diane Groulx
"The Golden Rule Askew"