Fall 2012 Awards Show

1st Place - Oil

Jay Anderson
"James at Bank"

2nd Place - Oil

Claudia Urbach
"Opening Act - Steven Page"

3rd Place - Oil

T. Wilmot Savoie
"I’ll Be With You"

Honourable Mention - Oil

Joseph Coban
"Needle Worker of Morrisburg"

1st Place - Watercolour

Diane Groulx
"Winter Coat"

2nd Place - Watercolour

Image not available

Margaret Fietz
"Flower Field"

3rd Place - Watercolour

Elvi Edwards
"Snow Softly"

1st Place - Acrylic

Lise Massicotte
"En Attendant"

2nd Place - Acrylic

Lydia Tambay

3rd Place - Acrylic

Pat Hendry
"Summer Marsh"

3rd Place - Acrylic

Roy Brash

1st Place - Other

Joanne Beaubien

2nd Place - Other

Isabelle Regout
"Apôtre du progrès"

3rd Place - Other

Magda Hanna

Honourable Mention - Other

Judith Lockett
"Summer Hay"

1st Place - Watercolour

Brian Seed
"Slim Pickings"