Fall 2011 Awards Show

1st Place Oil on Canvas

Patricia Wilmot Savoie

2nd Place Oil on Canvas

Hélène Martin
"Frozen Pond"

3rd Place Oil on Canvas

Alexey Rekadze
“Winter Moon Night”

3rd Place Oil on Canvas

Hanah Wdaah
“Build Human Symbols”

1st Place Acrylics

Joanne Beaubien
“Birth of the City”

2nd Place Acrylics

Maryse Brunet Lalonde
“China Town”

3rd Place Acrylics

Jennifer Daigle
“White Peony”

1st Place Watercolour

Alain Godbout

2nd Place Watercolour

Dave Acton
"Rainy Night in the City"

3rd Place Watercolour

Josie Braden
“Golden Birch Leaves”

3rd Place Watercolour

Christiane Kingsley
"The Gate Keeper"

3rd Place Watercolour

Elvie Edwards
"Love that Red"

1st Place - Other

Aili Kurtis

2nd Place - Other

Claude Potvin
"Hiver Hivernal"

3rd Place - Other

Carla Cervantes Bertrand
“Fall in Gatineau Park”