Fall 2009 Awards Show

Watercolour Awards

From left, Josephine Braden, 2nd Place for "The Beagle Channel", Elvie Edwards, Honorable Mention for "Alighted Rest", Jane Findley, Honorable Mention for "Sunflower", and Brian Seed, 1st Place for "Obama Inspired"
Absent, Dave Acton, 3rd Place for "Candy and Crystal"

Acrylic Awards

From left, Donna Y. Randall, Honorable Mention for "Fleurs d' Ottawa", Hamid Ayoub, 3rd Place "Sunny Day", and William Hulme, 2nd Place for "Early Spring"
Absent, Joan Tibble, 1st Place for "Untitled"

Oil Awards

From left, Erwin Mistlberger, 1st Place for "Natures Splendor", Lucy Kuwahara, Honorable Mention for "Light", Pat Hendry, 3rd Place for "South Marsh", and Alberta Dickson, 2nd Place for "Bright Light"
Absent, Helene Martin, Honorable Mention for "Carlos"

Other Medium Awards

From left, Kerstin Peters, 1st Place for "His Majesty Ringo I", Joanne Beaubien, Honorable Mention for "Reunion", and Hilde Lambrechts, 3rd Place for "Art and Science"

Absent, Barbara Tindale, 2nd Place for "Picnic"

1st Place Acrylic

Tibble, Joan

2nd Place Acrylic

Hulme, William
"Early Spring, Namur"

3rd Place Acrylic

Image is not available

Ayoub, Hamid
"Sunny Day"

Honorable Mention Acrylics

Randall, Donna Y.
"Fleurs d'Ottawa"

1st Place Oil

Mistlberger, Erwin
"Nature's Splendor"

2nd Place Oil

Dickson, Alberta
"Bright Light"

3rd Place Oil

Image is not available

Hendry, Pat
"South Marsh"

Honorable Mention Oil

Kuwahara, Lucy

Honorable Mention Oil

Martin, Hélene

1st Place Other

Peters, Kerstin
"His Majesty, Ringo I"

2nd Place Other

Tindale, Barbara

3rd Place Other

Image is not available

Lambrechts, Hilde
"Art and Science"

Honorable Mention Other

Beaubien, Joanne

1st Place Watercolours

Seed, Brian
"Obama Inspired"

2nd Place Watercolour

Braden, Josephine
"The Beagle Channel"

3rd Place Watercolour

Image is not available

Acton, David
"Crystal and Candy"

Honorable Mention Watercolour

Edwards, Elvie
"Alighted Rest"

Honorable Mention Watercolour

Findley, Jane