Annual Juried Awards Show - 2016

1st Place Oil

Janet MacKay
No. 11 – "Another Good Year"

Rationale: This work displays a harmonious marriage of colour and design. Both vibrancy and depth are demonstrated with subtle contrast between foreground and background.

2nd Place Oil

Mary Dorland
No. 35 – "Autumn, Sutton"

3rd Place Oil

Linda Bordage
No. 67 – "Chateau Laurier in Winter"

1st Place Acrylic

Nadine Cheney
No. 78 – "Time Thief"

Rationale: Using mature handling of technique, the artist has conveyed a symbolic idea of time. Can be placed under the genre of Romanticism and Expressionism.

2nd Place Acrylic

Pat Ryan Hendry
No. 61 – "Summer’s End"

3rd Place Acrylic

Jen Daigle
No. 08 – "Refraction"

1st Place Watercolour

Josie Braden
No. 37 – "Ocean View"

Rationale: Excellent handling of the medium, refined composition, dramatic use of colour, light, and tone. Reminiscent of Turner with Japanese influences.

2nd Place Watercolour

Margo Blackell
No. 06 – "Lunch Time in the City"

3rd Place Watercolour

Barbara Camfield
No. 62 – "Fields in Spring"

1st Place Other

Pamela Claughton
No. 66 – "Prelude"

Rationale: This work portrays an explosion of forms and movement in an abstract expressionist manner with depth and subtlety. Continuing the tradition of print medium we see a unique colour palette and a professional finish.

2nd Place Other

Diane Bertrand
No. 34 – "Thaw"

3rd Place Other

Leslie Firth
No. 04 – "Vimy"

Honourable Mention - Other

Mary Ann Varley
No. 73 – "Flat Iron Building"